Covid restrictions on Tenerife

Are Tenerife letting UK in?

British people are allowed to enter Tenerife.

  • Fill out the form in the SpTh app.
  • Present vaccination passport. British people are must be fully vaccinated to enter.

If you’re fully vaccinated

If you’re fully-vaccinated and are traveling from the UK you are able to enter Spain without having to undergo testing or undergo quarantine, regardless of the reasons for travelling. Your vaccination status must be in line with those requirements. Spanish authority’s validity conditions: 

Beginning on February 1 from 1 February onwards, at least 14 days have passed since having been completely immunized (with each dose of the two-dose vaccine as well as one dose of the single dose vaccine) prior to arrival in Spain. It is essential that your date(s) when you received your vaccination has to be stated and your last dose must be administered within 270 calendar days prior to your travel date to Spain. If you have completed your vaccination (with two doses of a vaccine with two doses or only one dose from a single-dose vaccination) longer than 2270 days before your trip to Spain You must be in a position to prove having received an additional jab.

Only vaccines that have been approved from the European Medicines Agency or the World Health Organisation are recognized.

Children who are less than 12 are not required to present proof that they have been completely vaccinated prior to entry into Spain Check out Young children and adolescents

If you’re not fully vaccinated

According to current regulations of the Spanish government’s current policies, the only way to be admitted to Spain via the UK to visit a tourist destination when you are able to show evidence that you have met the vaccination requirements outlined above.

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