Puerto de la Cruz

Puerto de la Cruz is located in the northern part of the island, which has a wet climate and subtropical flora. It is slightly cooler here than in the southern part.

Holidays here will appeal to active people who are bored with a relaxing beach vacation. In addition, there are a lot of attractions, beautiful nature. The natives of the Canary Islands love to spend their vacations and weekends here.

I do not advise this resort for swimming, as big waves and frequent rains. It is better to come here for a day to see the sights and swim. By the way, not far away is a cool attraction for kids – Loro Park.

What to do in Puerto de la Cruz?

Playa Jardin
Playa Jardin
  • Swim in the pools of Martianez.
  • Stroll along the coast on either side of town.
  • Swim at Jardin Beach, designed by Cesar Manriqui.
  • Go to the botanical garden.
  • See the Statue of the Stone Mother in Santa Ursula.
  • See killer whales in Loro Parque.
Mihail Schwarz
Mihail Schwarz
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