10 Beaches of Barcelona

Visiting local beaches is one of the main points of most tourists during their stay in the city. After all, agree that the combination of cultural and educational walks with the opportunity to relax on good beaches and swim in warm, clear water makes a really cool vacation.

What a beautiful Catalan city located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea It is one of the ten most popular tourist destinations in the world. It leaves no one indifferent with its majestic history, beautiful architecture, exquisite cuisine and vibrant nightlife. And there are ten golden beaches right in the city limits. What is this city

Yes! This is Barcelona!

Beaches and Olympic Port
Beaches and Olympic Port

Visiting local beaches is one of the main points of most tourists during their stay in the city. After all, you must agree that the combination of cultural and educational walks with the opportunity to relax on good beaches and swim in warm, clear water makes a really cool vacation.

Beaches Of Barcelona On The Map

The beaches in Barcelona, as in all of Spain, are free and well equipped. All you have to do is choose whether you just want to bask in the hot Spanish sun or try your hand at beach sports.

1. St. Sebastian Beach

The beach near the famous hotel in the shape of the "W" sail.
The beach near the famous hotel in the shape of the “W” sail.

The cleanest beach in Barcelona is Sant Sebastià. It is just over a kilometer long, making it the longest in the city. Since the beach is located in the historic center of Barcelona, it is always noisy and crowded. However, the clean sands are popular with tourists and city dwellers alike. There’s enough room for everyone!

The beach has everything you need for a comfortable holiday, from sun loungers and umbrellas, to first aid stations. Along the coast there are many restaurants and bars, for younger visitors on the beach there is an equipped playground, and older holidaymakers may be interested in sports nautical clubs in Barcelona or an unusual project – the beach library, whose books will not let you get bored.

How to get to St. Sebastian Beach

The closest metro station to Sant Sebastià beach is Barceloneta, which is on line L4. However, the closest buses to the beach are 17, 39 and 64 (the stop is Pg Joan de Borbó-Pl del Mar).

2. St. Miguel Beach

Sant Miquel beach
Sant Miquel beach, photo simonerogora

The beach of St. Sebastia, which comes to Sant Miquel, is named after the church of Sant Miguel del Puerto, built in 1753. This beach gets its name from the church of San Miguel del Puerto, which was built in 1753. This small beach is one of the oldest in the city and is only 400 meters long. It stretches from Del Mar Square to l’Almirall Aixada Street.

The small and cozy Sant Miquel always attracts a large number of tourists who, after a long walk through the center of the city, are drawn to take a dip in the sea. Just like the other beaches it offers all the conditions for a good holiday.

How to get to St. Miguel Beach

Take the metro to Barceloneta station.
Take buses 17, 39 and 64 to the Pg Joan de Borbó-Pl del Mar stop or take buses 45, 59 to the Almirall Cervera stop.

3. Barceloneta Beach

Barceloneta is the city's oldest beach
Barceloneta is the city’s oldest beach

Among the other beaches of the city  Barceloneta is the most famous and most popular. You can imagine how many people come here in the high season Despite this, the beach is constantly maintained at a high level of cleanliness (it has a blue flag mark).

Barcelona’s ancient sandy beach, with a smooth entrance to the sea and a chic sandy bottom is an attraction for foreign visitors and locals alike. Barceloneta is very popular among young people, because there are many sports areas for soccer, volleyball, tennis and also for skating and skateboarding. Along the Paseo Marítimo beach, you can find a suitable place to eat.

How to get to Barceloneta Beach

Take the L4 subway to Barceloneta station, you will have to walk 5-7 minutes to the coast.
The buses 45 and 59 stop right by the beach, the stop Platja de la Barceloneta.
The walk from the edge of La Rambla to Barceloneta takes about 20 minutes.

4. Somorrostro Beach

Somorrostro - goldfish beach
Somorrostro – goldfish beach, photo Antonio Rosa

Somorrostro beach is the most recognizable beach in the city thanks to the statue of the Golden Fish, symbol of the 1992 Olympics. It used to be part of Barceloneta Beach, but in 2010 it was renamed Somorrostro, in honor of the poor neighborhood of Barcelona that existed there until the middle of the 20th century.

Nowadays, wealthy foreign young people prefer to rest in this place. And not surprisingly, there are many trendy clubs and restaurants (Shoko, Opium Mar, Sotavento, CDLC).

How to get to Somorrostro Beach

  • Take the L4 subway to Ciutadella / Vila Olímpica station.
  • Take bus 36, 45, 59, 71 to the stop Pg. Marítim – Trelawny or by bus 71 to the Pg. Marítim Hospital del Mar.
  • Take the T4 streetcar to the Ciutadella|Vila Olímpica stop.

5. Nova Icaria Beach

Children's fun at Nova Icaria Beach
Children’s fun at Nova Icaria Beach

Not far from the city center, just behind the Olympic Port of Barcelona, hides a wonderful beach with soft golden sand – Nova Icària. It attracts both families who like a quiet holiday and young people looking for entertainment.

In the small area of Nova Icària, only 400 meters, there is a playground for children, several volleyball fields, tennis tables and many points with equipment for water fun: kayaks, diving and surfing equipment. This beach is famous for the huge variety of bars and restaurants that not only the tourists but also the gourmets of Barcelona stop by.

How to get to Nova Icaria Beach

The nearest subway station is Ciutadella / Vila Olímpica, line L4.
Take bus 36, 41, 92 to the Av. Icària-Àlaba stop, or take bus 71 to the Àlaba-Bogatell stop.

6. Bogatell Beach

Bogatel is one of the best "Olympic" beaches in Barcelona
Bogatell is one of the best “Olympic” beaches in Barcelona, photo villelite

Since Bogatell is one of the most modern beaches in Barcelona, the range of services provided here is as diverse as possible. In terms of safety and organization it is one of the best beaches in the city. There are special safes for keeping valuables, public telephones, information board showing the time, air and water temperature.

Beach lovers appreciate Bogatell for its cleanliness and tranquility. For those who want to be active, there are basketball baskets, volleyball nets, ping-pong tables and other sports equipment on the beach. It is separated from the neighboring beaches (Nova Icaria and Mar Bella) by two stone breakwaters.

How to get to Bogatelle Beach

  • Take the L4 subway to the Poblenou stop.
  • Take bus 26 and 36 to the Taulat-Ciutat de Granada stop or take bus 6 to the Roc Boronat – Doctor Trueta stop.

7. Mar Bella Beach

Mar Bella Beach
Mar Bella Beach

Mar Bella is another beach that has been added to the city’s coastline since the preparations for the 1992 Olympic Games. It is located in the eastern part of the Barcelona coast and is 500 meters long.

There are not many noisy bars and restaurants here. The beach is popular with the residents of nearby Sant Martí, but since Mar Bella has been specially designated as a nude beach, it attracts visitors who prefer nude style holidays.

Like other beaches in Barcelona, there are many services for the comfort of vacationers, there are a variety of sports fields (including a soccer field), there is even its own yacht base – Base Nautica.

How to get to Mar Bella Beach

  • Take the L4 subway to Poblenou station.
  • Take bus 26 to the stop Pg. Taulat-Bac de Roda, or by bus 36, 71, 141 to the stop Llull-Bilbao.

8. Nova Mar Bella Beach

Nova Mar Bella Beach
Nova Mar Bella Beach

Another nice quiet beach with golden sand where you can relax and sunbathe is Nova Mar Bella. It is popular among the young people of the district of St. Marti and the nearby suburbs.

There are fewer sports facilities at Nova Mar Bella than at the previous beaches, but don’t worry, you will definitely find everything you need for a good beach vacation here.

How to get to Nova Mar Bella Beach

You can take the L4 subway to Selva de Mar station.
Or by bus 26 to the stop Pg. Taulat-Provençals or by buses 36, 141 to the stop Llull-Selva de Mar.

9. Beach Levant

Llevant is the farthest sandy beach in Barcelona
Llevant is the farthest sandy beach in Barcelona, photo sedagos

The most remote beach in Barcelona is the Levant (Llevant). It is a small beach, only 380 meters long, opened only in 2006. Despite its remoteness from the city center the beach offers a standard set of services and  you do not have to worry about anything.

Llevant beach is chosen by those who are used to relax comfortably, but without the crowds. Sports enthusiasts will appreciate the beach’s volleyball court, ping pong tables and available water sports offerings.

How to get to Levant Beach

  • For the T4 streetcar, the El Maresme stop.
  • For the L4 subway, the Selva de Mar station.
  • For the bus 26, the stop Pg. Taulat-Provençals.
  • For buses 36 and 141, the stop is Llull – Diagonal Mar.

10. Aquatic Center – Zona De Banys Fòrum

Banys Fòrum bathing area
Banys Fòrum bathing area, photo Gerard C.

In addition to the usual beaches, Barcelona offers another place to swim, the Zona de banys Fòrum. Like any other beach in Banys Fòrum you can sunbathe and swim in the sea water. The main difference of this place is that there is no sand and you have to use a special ladder to enter the water.

This bathing area is a good alternative to regular beaches, especially for people with disabilities.

How to get to the Banys Forum bathing area

  • Take the L4 subway to El Maresme | Fòrum station.
  • Take the T4 streetcar to the Fòrum stop.
  • Take bus 36, 141 to the Metro Maresme/Fòrum stop.

Beach Season In Barcelona:

April 12 is the opening of the beaches.

from April 12 to May 30 and from September 15 to 28 – low season. Beach hours are 10:30 – 18:30. All beach infrastructure starts working: renting sun beds, umbrellas, public toilets, bars…

from May 31 to September 14 – high season.
The beaches are open from 10:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

from November 15 to 30 – beaches and all beach infrastructure are closed (all facilities are removed).
from October to April – no beaches.

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