Cape Town Travel Video Vlog Lion's Head Sunrise Hike – Epic Drone cinematic video

Published on October 19, 2021

Latest high defination online streaming related to, Luxury Phukt Hotels, Town Enjoy Luxury, Cape Cod Sightseeing, Cape Town Holidays and Climbing Lions Head Mountain Cape Town, Cape Town Travel Video Vlog Lion's Head Sunrise Hike – Epic Drone cinematic video.

Travelvids Collaboration with @Cameron Fous Vlogs & @CapeTownTourism call it what you like bloggers, YouTubers or influencers, all the people in this video have a following, and that following came through creating videos in and around the travel and tourism industry.

We recently held a workshop for Cape Town Tourism #lovecapetown on how to use your mobile smartphone to create travel and tourism videos people will actually want to watch. The workshop was loads of fun… the team learnt a lot and we made new friends.

We teach you how to create in a style that is easy to do, and is engaging to your audience, creating a video is easy if you follow our simple methodology.

We also received the very very new LG V30 smartphone so we could make a video on how to use the LG V30 to create a simple Instagram video and a basic editing tutorial for the V30.
PS The editing Course is FREE to check out our website to see the free course

A few weeks after the initial workshop we had a request from the marketing team at Cape Town tourism to join them for an early morning sunrise climb with an ad-hock video workshop whilst on the move.

The day before the climb Dean and Darren met up with Danica from bigambitouns #bigconnect to discuss a few business ideas and collabs.
Whilst at Origin coffee shop we spotted a couple of suspicious-looking people carrying cameras and working on their youtube channel, so being the nosy type “Darren’s the nosy type”, we introduced ourselves and got chatting to Cameron and Norbert. Cameron is a day trader and owns fous4trading. Norbert produces the youtube and social media content for Cameron’s company fous4trading.

We told the guys about the early morning hike idea and they jumped at the chance of joining us for a 4am hike up table mountain to catch the sunrise. needles the say the sunrise was epic, and the hike was great, it was a beautiful morning not hot or cold a nice breeze blowing but a perfect day for a hike we planned it just right.
It turned out to be a great unplanned colab and we made new friends and the videos we created for our respective channels are epic to say the least.

So what started out as a hike and an impromptus Instagram video creation workshop ended with us creating this cool Lions Head hiking video, we hope you enjoy it.

LG V30 – Quick Editor

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Climbing Lions Head Mountain Cape Town

Climbing Lions Head Mountain Cape Town, Cape Town Travel Video Vlog Lion's Head Sunrise Hike – Epic Drone cinematic video.

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I don’t know if the bridge on the left is the Bass River Bridge, however it needs to be. I think if I ‘d had a walking stick I would have gone even more. So we’ll have to back at some phase.

Cape Town Travel Video Vlog Lion's Head Sunrise Hike – Epic Drone cinematic video, Play most shared updated videos related to Climbing Lions Head Mountain Cape Town.

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The City Bowl is the industrial and historic heart of Cape Town. It lies on the East coast of Tasmania and is the entry point to the Freycinet Peninsula. These mini-buses are suggested to hold 12 people at most.

Cape Town is positioned generally on a mountainous peninsula that extends from the Cape Flats in the north to the Cape of Good Hope in the south. To see all of the city’s most intriguing sights, you’ll have to take a trip the length and breadth of it. That won’t be a problem, due to the fact that there are organised bus tours and walking tours that can be organized by contacting Cape Town Tourism. Some of the more independent minded visitors like to set out on their own and wander through the diverse areas. This certainly leaves you complimentary to make up your own schedule, and offers an up-close take a look at how Cape Tonians live. However it can cause security concerns in a city that has a criminal offense issue in some districts, and could likewise lead to the amateur visitor missing out on some of the finest sights.

You ought to speak with your GP prior to Cape Town Travel to see what shots and vaccinations you will need prior to checking out South Africa. The last thing you will wish to be doing is lying in healthcare facility while your team wins the competition.

As a far too heavy 62 year old on a serious diet plan that consists of at least an hours strolling or biokinetics a day, the logical thing to do after 10 weeks of the routine was to do a bit of hiking, so we triggered one beautiful Saturday morning to Salmonsdam.

Fifth, is being close to a single mountain or destination essential, or will you be heading for the shore? Would you rather be near a lake? All of the New England states have wonderful ponds, lakes or beaches. If you like to play in the browse, Newport, Rhode Island has three beaches, each with a bit rougher surf. Vermont and New Hampshire have fantastic lakes. Lake Champlain in Vermont makes its method to the Hudson. And Lake Sunapee in New Hampshire is a prized vacation area. Maine is packed with stunning lakes and rivers, especially the Kennebec. Connecticut has wonderful coastlines and lakes. Massachusetts has a few of the very best browse up on Cape Cod.

CHAPMAN’S PEAK: The view is worth paying the R22 toll charge on this road. You do not need to come back the very same method. From Noordhoek you can take the Muizenberg roadway back to Cape Town Attractions Town. From Hout Bay go back past Landudno and Camps Bay which is the other gorgeous coastal roadway.

The truth is, much of these taxis are no more than run-down mini-buses. These mini-buses are implied to hold 12 individuals at the majority of. But the Cape being the Cape Town Hotels, do not be shocked if your driver attempts to pack at least 20 people within. There are even stories of chauffeurs steering their taxis with lead pipes!

There are 550 strolls, a lot of which are guided. Free assisted walks are available through the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway, however travel agencies can put you in touch with any number of accredited, professional guides with years of experience traversing the pathways of Table Mountain behind them.

Noirmoutier, Western Loire, France. Connected to the French mainland through a bridge the island of Noirmoutier has some of the Western Loire’s the majority of unaffected beaches. All of Noirmoutier’s 40km great sandy beaches are crowd-free and clean, making it a great place for unleashing kids. Head to the west coast for the wide, dune-filled beaches or north for rockier coves.

Near the city, Bonorong Park Wildlife Centre is a needs to for the family. Beautiful river canyons and waterfalls decorate the area. Your homes are very vibrant and have been visualized in numerous movies.

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