Boulders Beach – Kids Find Fun with Penguins at Boulders Beach (Episode 17)

Published on April 12, 2021

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Kids Find Fun – fun videos for kids! In our 17th episode we visited Boulders Beach, a Penguin Colony nestled in a sheltered cove between Simon’s Town and Cape Point, near Cape Town in the Western Cape, South Africa.
Boulders is world famous for its thriving colony of African Penguins and magnificent wind sheltered, safe beaches.

On your visit, you should definitely view the penguins from the boardwalks at Foxy beach, this is a beach only for penguins, and then visit Boulders Beach to chill, splash in the water (possibly swim with the penguins if you are lucky) or relax on the rocks. Your ticket will get you entrance into both areas.

Here were our highlights:
• Penguins!! Who doesn’t love penguins
• Perfect beach – beach space depends on the tide so be sure to visit at low tide
• Warmish water
• Spectacular boulders
• Well maintained boardwalks
• Safe and well patrolled

Did you know?
The African Penguin is listed in the Red Data Book as an endangered species. Of the 1,5-million African Penguin population estimated in 1910, only some 10% remained at the end of the 20th century. The uncontrolled harvesting of penguin eggs (as a source of food) and guano scraping nearly drove the species to extinction.

For more information:

Click to access boulders-brochure.pdf

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Here are a few details about our video:
* Starring: Joshua (7), Oliver (6) and Toby (3)
* Edited by: Jessica Janutsch
* Filmed by: Jessica Janutsch
* Drone Footage by: Caryn Pretorius
* More information:
* Location: Kleintuin Rd, Simon’s Town, Cape Town, 7995 – GPS coordinates: 34°11′49″S 18°27′04″E / 34.197°S 18.451°E
* Tickets – Check the website for latest pricing – but these were the rates at date of filming:
• Check ticket prices here:
• At the time of filming we paid R39 per adult and R20 per kid. If you are an SA resident then you get a discount which is great. At the time of filming foreigners paid R152 per adult per day
R76 per child, per day. We bought our tickets at the entrance.
* Filming Equipment:
• iPhone X 256GB
• DJI OSMO Mobile 2 gimbal
• DJI Spark Drone
* Kids clothes: Mostly H&M – & board shorts from PnP Clothing.

Thanks of the great music! A Shore Under The Pineapple Tree by Vlad Gluschenko @vgl9 Music provided by Free Music for Vlogs

Bumper animation audio clip courtesy of YouTube Creator Studio. Thanks! African Drums (Sting) by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (…) Artist:

Is Boulders Beach Closed

Is Boulders Beach Closed, Boulders Beach – Kids Find Fun with Penguins at Boulders Beach (Episode 17).

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If you like to play in the surf, Newport, Rhode Island has three beaches, each with a bit rougher browse. This Majestic mountains use a few of the best nature scenes. Simply remember to book early in the peak summer durations.

Boulders Beach – Kids Find Fun with Penguins at Boulders Beach (Episode 17), Explore interesting full length videos related to Is Boulders Beach Closed.

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But the Cape being the Cape, don’t be shocked if your driver attempts to cram at least 20 individuals within. It is a good, simple ride that both grownups and kids enjoy.

There are plenty of locations to see on Cape Cod, however where are the very best places to see on Cape Cod? If you like driving, you remain in luck, because the best sightseeing on Cape Cod is spread out through all of the towns, not simply in any one town. Noted here are some terrific things to see on Cape Cod, consisting of towns like Falmouth, Provincetown, and Chatham.

It is truly splendid – for this and other factors, home is very Cape Town Travel highly priced – if not the most expensive in South Africa. However being here, simply makes you feel like you are on holiday. Every thing about the place is fresh and refreshing.

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Fifth, is being close to a single mountain or attraction essential, or will you be heading for the coast? Would you rather be near a lake? All of the New England states have terrific ponds, beaches or lakes. If you like to play in the browse, Newport, Rhode Island has three beaches, each with a bit rougher surf. Vermont and New Hampshire have terrific lakes. Lake Champlain in Vermont makes its way to the Hudson. And Lake Sunapee in New Hampshire is a treasured destination. Maine is loaded with stunning lakes and rivers, particularly the Kennebec. Connecticut has wonderful shorelines and lakes. Massachusetts has a few of the best browse up on Cape Cod.

Now that that’s covered, you might be shocked to find out how easy it is to get there. There are lots of direct flights from New york city to Cape Town Attractions Town and Johannesburg, and from there it’s no problem flying to Namibia’s capital city of Windhoek. There are lots of standard, European-style hotels there and the US dollar is practically accepted everywhere. Namibia’s government is also connected to South Africa’s so they’re a bit more steady than the average African country. Namibia even has an excellent roadway system and it’s highway signs and instructions were installed with all the precision and effectiveness the Germans might summon, which is saying something. All in all, Namibia is perhaps the perfect location to explore Africa and its marvels.

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There is a beautiful upstairs location for a sit-down meal with magnificent decor. It opens at 12 in the afternoon. , if you are too hungry to wait go to the open location downstairs.. Get a box of genuine fish and chips and have a banquet.

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