All 22 Boulders Destroyed in LEGO City: Undercover (Miner) for Precious Boulders/Rocks

Published on March 25, 2021

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All 22 Precious Boulders/Rocks Destroyed with the Miner Disguise in “LEGO City: Undercover” and the Barney Greenschist (Miner) character token and the Cave Woman character token


Times For Boulders and Barney Greenschist:

00:09 – 1. Cherry Tree Hills Boulder
01:23 – 2. Auburn Boulder by train station
01:58 – 3. Auburn Boulder under bridge – Fast Route
02:29 – Alternate Route
03:49 – 4. Fort Meadows Boulder
04:48 – Cave Woman character token
05:09 – 5. Bluebell National Park Boulder southern end-1
05:37 – 6. Bluebell National Park Boulder by dam-2
06:09 – 7. Blackwell Bridge Boulder
07:07 – 8. Uptown Boulder
08:04 – 9. Lego City Airport Boulder
08:28 – 10. Paradise Sands Boulder
09:06 – 11. Fresco Boulder by leaning tower
09:47 – 12. Fresco Boulder in the park
10:36 – 13. Grand Canal Boulder from Fresco
12:23 – 14. Kings Court Boulder
12:45 – Getting to Apollo Island from Kings Court
13:37 – 15. Apollo Island Boulder
14:44 – 16. Downtown Boulder
15:28 – 17. Lady Liberty Island Boulder
16:40 – Getting to Albatross Island from Cherry Tree Hills
17:50 – 18. Albatross Island Boulder
18:21 – 19. Festival Square Boulder
19:06 – 20. Pagoda Boulder
19:31 – 21. Bright Lights Plaza Boulder
20:11 – 22. Crescent Park Boulder
20:56 – Barney Greenschist (Miner) character token


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Boulders Beach Map

Boulders Beach Map, All 22 Boulders Destroyed in LEGO City: Undercover (Miner) for Precious Boulders/Rocks.

10 Things Tourists Need When Going To Cape Town

You can also see the size and other specifications along with the reservation cost.
Basing on our veranda of our unusual Cape Town accommodation, I was delighting in the tranquillity surrounding me.

All 22 Boulders Destroyed in LEGO City: Undercover (Miner) for Precious Boulders/Rocks, Find top reviews about Boulders Beach Map.

The Very First Ten Of South Australia’s Leading 21 Hotspots

This is definitely among the finest beaches in South Africa. The first diamonds were found on a farm owned by the De Beers siblings. The finest locations to park in Cape Town are the multi-storey parking lot.

Cape Town is an interesting city. For beginners, it has the Table Mountain which stands right beside the lovely ocean. Then there is the V and A Waterside with its appealing shopping arcade. There is the spectacular selection of beaches that touch both the Indian and Atlantic oceans. The red, blue, green and pink houses of Bo Kaap make Cape Town much more enticing!

There are 2 high-end hotels under construction in Kamala right now and there make certain to be a couple of more coming in the years ahead to make Kamala a true center for the high-end Cape Town Travel to Phuket. With all these luxury hotels, there is a genuine requirement for more high-end dining establishments and bars in Kamala to service the high-end traveler in the area. Kamala remains in for some big modifications in the coming years!

Praia da Ingrina, Algarve, Portugal. On the southwestern tip of the Algarve, in the heart of the Costa Vicentina, self-styled swimming beach Praia da Ingrina is likewise one of Portugal’s many beautiful nature reserves. Sea eagles and falcons skyrocket overhead and sheep graze in the surrounding grasslands. The environmental worth of the area has actually also implied hotels are kept at a minimum which in turn has kept the beach deserted. Get a seat at the beachside restaurant and watch local fishermen coming back from the morning catch.

Call the accommodations’s local phone number (it’ll probably be a 508 area code). The person who answers will likely be a “local”, and might even be the owner. Inquire about the accommodations, the location, and anything else that’s on your mind.

How do you reach this place?That’s the thing, it’s so near Cape Town Attractions Town – you can reach it by bus or automobile. No need for helicopter crash landings for this unique experience!

OMount Nelsen. If money is not a concern, hobnob with the nouveau riche and Hollywood stars in this premiere hotel. You’ll find the grand dame of Cape Town Hotels on 76 Orange Street. The hotel is set on 9 acres of awesome gardens. You have a choice of charming garden homes or you can remain in the primary hotel structure.

When it comes to traveler destinations, Western Australia would not be left out. They have world class sheltered beaches for tourists. They likewise have an overlooking view of the Wild Indian Ocean. The stunning places like Karri, Jarrah and Tinglewood forest are practically nearby to each other. They have Denmark’s treetops walk and Albany’s Natural Space and Blow Holes.

Noirmoutier, Western Loire, France. Linked to the French mainland through a bridge the island of Noirmoutier has some of the Western Loire’s the majority of unspoilt beaches. All of Noirmoutier’s 40km fine sandy beaches are crowd-free and tidy, making it a great location for letting loose kids. Head to the west coast for the large, dune-filled beaches or north for rockier coves.

Third, how lots of people will be choosing you? Following the animals theme, remarkably South Africa is house to lots of colonies of penguins. They get to Cape Town on a lovely, windless early morning.

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